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Approach Procrastination Smartly

Approach Procrastination Smartly

Everyone is prone to procrastination. The bigger the goal ahead of us is, the more we hesitate. We all fall into that procrastination loop and have trouble getting out of it. The worst thing is that we don’t even realize we’re in a loop until we are done with all the housework, but still haven’t started our urgent daily tasks. (a major problem for.. uh.. any entrepreneur!)

Here is another noteworthy thing, procrastination isn’t laziness. You can be running around, doing errands, working more than usual, but if you’re ignoring that single urgent task, you’re procrastinating.

To hack out of that loop, you can do two things. The first is to remind yourself why. Tell yourself what you are going to get from an action and why you started to do it in the first place. That is also called rationalization.

The second thing is to tell a friend. You will have to ask for help (kind of intimidating, I know) and let them keep track of your progress. People do more if they know they promised something to someone.

Remember, you’re not the only one fighting that battle. Good luck!

Here’s How You Can Avoid Feeling Burned Out

Here’s How You Can Avoid Feeling Burned Out

Getting burned out while juggling business, family, kids, full-time job and other relationships is inevitable. Stresses and challenges of what seems to be “mundane” life leave us burned out. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to feel better.

The first thing is to be flexible. We think that being an entrepreneur means solving business issues non-stop 24/7, but that’s not true. If you create the right systems, keep yourself occupied just enough and let your creativity lead you, you won’t get that feeling.

Also, remember that everyone has a right to make a mistake and sometimes the circumstances are stronger than we are. The quicker you can accept the fact you made a mistake, the quicker you can start working on it. On the opposite side, if you continue blaming yourself, you will get burned out and emotionally exhausted really fast.

There are a few ways to keep yourself flexible as a business owner, but my favorite one is to automate online work. Different apps that keep it all together or sort your emails for you are that golden nugget of success. You’d be surprised, but checking emails and deleting spam takes plenty of your emotional resources. You could also think about dividing your responsibilities with someone else. Running an online business with someone else could be much easier.

Finally, don’t forget to get rest (at least occasionally). Even when you’re feeling motivated and energetic, and that usually happens with new projects, you have to get enough rest. Taking care of yourself in other aspects, like eating properly, drinking moderate amounts of caffeine and exercising, are musts too. Adhering to your normal routine even during the busiest days is crucial.

Tips On Brainstorming For Business Ideas

Tips On Brainstorming For Business Ideas


Great ideas don’t come easy for many of us, but that’s okay. As long as you know how to get your wheels turning, gather all of your resources to produce amazing results, you’re good to go. I’m talking about brainstorming for business ideas; a major focus of the Jodee Andy blog. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, our first attempts to brainstorm leave us frustrated and disappointed. That shouldn’t be the case if you keep in mind a few tips:

Tip #1: Clarify your objective

The lack of purpose or clearly defined goal is where people start making mistakes. Before you even start brainstorming, try to understand what you want to see in the end. Whether it will be a product, a way to promote your product, a way to make your business outstanding in its niche, it doesn’t matter. You need a strong objective that won’t allow you to lose track.

Tip #2: Research the market

Did you know that Airbnb achieved its success just because it was launched at the right moment? That’s the thing, you have to know what the market wants or if there is a problem your product solves. There are also businesses that don’t present a product, they present a business model only, so maybe it’s that idea you need. Overall, try to look for something you can improve either with your product or with your idea.

Tip #3: Get a different perspective

Chances are, you will get a cloudy vision if you are focused on your goal by yourself. Talk to your friends, launch a questionnaire, get the opinions of your colleagues, anything, but let someone else talk. Do not listen only to those who think the same, try to welcome different thoughts and ideas. It’s a rare thing for someone to brainstorm alone, as it’s considered a social activity, but not everyone listens to others.

Brainstorming can be extremely productive if you approach it effectively. You just have to focus on the things you want to get from it and go from there. Being tolerant of others and willing to listen to criticism will also do you

Being a Productive Entrepreneur

Being a Productive Entrepreneur



How many times have you gone to work or you J.O.B. and thought to yourself that you have had enough, you can’t do this anymore, that is it!!!! Chances are, quite a few. Especially if you are like 90% of the people out there in the work force. I was the same way. So, I searched out technology Companies and decided to start up my local SEO company in Denver, CO! I was going to make that change! You think to yourself that you can do a much better job than your boss who has no clue on how to run a business, right?

So, after a few years of the grind, you finally figure out a way to put your talents to work…for yourself! And you decide to take that all impressive leap of faith and you enter into the world of entrepreneurial. You are going to own your own business!

imagesWell, hats off to you, my friend. That is the first, most important step. That first step out there, in faith that you can do it. That is big. Really big.

When you have success in any part of your life, it usually comes as the result of hard working and planning out your life’s goals. You have harnessed your creativity and reigned in on the talents that you possess. Being an entrepreneur is the both a blessing and an opportunity for personal growth that will allow you to have the flexibility that you so desire. A flexible professional life that allows you to have a flexible personal life. Instead of always having to plan your personal life around the pulls of your professional life. Which is what you have experienced in your life, no doubt!

Self discipline is definitely the trigger when it comes to growing and operating your own work from home business. it is the one thing that can make or break your business and all of those dreams, goals, and aspirations. It is nothing to sleep in and not even set an alarm when you work from home. Your work will be there at 11am as much as it would be there at 7am, right? There is a saying that is forever true in this case and that is…

The early bird gets the worm

In other words, just because you can sleep in, does not mean that you should sleep in. In the beginning of your start up, you are going to need to put in more hours than you ever thought possible. More hours than you probably did working for ‘the man’. But that is ok, because the rewards are so much greater than anything that you can possibly imagine. work from home

Of course, keep in mind that any work at home business has its challenges, that is especially true for the online businesses. A lot of entrepreneurs will use the online world to get started in making their dream a reality. It is an easy concept for sure but it has its own set of challenges. The main one being that the online business will always be there. The internet never sleeps and so therefore, as an online business entrepreneur, you can squeeze in that time whenever you want to, right?

Although working from home provides a great deal of benefits, there are challenges that come along with working from home. For starters, you have to be committed to your business, even if that means telling loved ones ‘no’ when they ask you to do something during the day that you normally would not do, like grocery shopping, or running an errand with them. Your business has to take priority over everything in your life, especially during your ‘business hours’ which are the hours that you set aside and determine that those are the hours you will work. Your business needs to be taken serious if you wish to succeed. Even if you only schedule 10 hours a week to work on your business, make sure that you stay consistent with that time. Write down your goals each day on the things you want to get accomplished and check yourself at the end of the day.

Look for ways to be more productive. Don’t get caught up in the drama on Facebook or the headlines on the news. Cut out all distractions around you. Even if that means you shut your door or put on headphones so that people around you know not to disturb you.

All parts of your life will need different time and different attention. You have to figure out the times that work for you in your business and stick to them. Your business and your future success is depending on it!

Best of luck!

Organize Your Time

Organize Your Time

It takes a great deal of planning to be a successful and productive entrepreneur. I remember how tough it was when we first started our Denver SEO consulting agency! But there is no need to be discouraged if organization or planning is not a strong suit for you. Most of the time, you are probably planning out your day according to what is on the priority list and the must get done right now list! Once you learn more effective ways and techniques to organizing your day, you will find that you get a lot more done in less time and it will help to keep yourself and your business on track.

I am including a few tips that I think will help get you started on the right path in getting yourself organized. Doing these few things will certainly increase not only your productivity, but also your sense of accomplishment. These tips will help in implementing strategies, create goals, and help keep yourself motivated on a day to day basis.set goals

TIP # 1: Set Goals

There is a saying that I am sure you have heard a time or two in your life that says…

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

Without some time of map or game plan, you don’t have a clear, concise path to follow and you end up wandering around aimlessly.

You want to set short term as well as long term goals. You will find that this can be a very effective area in your life. By setting goals, you are giving yourself a clear picture of what you want in your business as well as in your life.

To get started with setting goals, ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

Then as you start listing out the things you want, separate them into the different categories of short term and long term. Doing this exercise will help to encourage, energize, and motivate you.

Make sure that you do not allow any limitations, like money or time, to dissuade you from listing out the things you REALLY want. Just imagine that you have nothing holding you back and that there is nothing at all that will stop you from getting exactly what you want.

Once you have all of your goals written down, you want to place them somewhere that you will see them, look at them, and read them every single day.

List your goals out by using the S.M.A.R.T. outline like the one you see below:


TIP # 2: How to Achieve Those Goals

Now that you have your goals all written out, you have used the formula above to map them out, now what? How are you going to achieve those goals?

That is where you are going to want to brainstorm and putting the ole thinking cap on for a bit. You are going to need to come up with ways to get the results that you are striving for.

List out some strategies that you think that you will need to reach these goals. make sure you list out different alternatives too just in case the first one doesn’t pan out, you will want a Plan B or even a Plan C or D. Do not just hang out in your comfort zone when listing these ideas out, you want to think outside of the box, get wild and crazy, if you must, with the ideas and the strategies.

You will want to keep this list handy so that you may refer to it in the future, but it is ok to go ahead and choose some of the ideas now that will go onto your current To Do list.

It’s Time to Have a Goal!

It’s Time to Have a Goal!

Haven’t you yet got bored of spending your life with the same aimless routine, sleeping and waking up daily with nothing significant to consider or to pursue? Can you seriously find your comfort in leading such life? Indeed, things seem easy and highly relaxing at the beginning, only to bring dramatically opposite consequences eventually. Then, you would be most probably regretting all the negligence and carelessness you previously demonstrated under the cover of “comfort”, and “I want to enjoy my life”.

Tell me, how can someone enjoy their life by being completely aimless? I do not disagree to the fact that, a superficial person does actually enjoys their life. Nevertheless, this enjoyment is temporary, which diminishes promptly with the attendance of failure and collapse. You can enjoy your life and every single day doing all what you desire and feel interested in, and you can also be planning for particular goals to pursue, and of which you work on accomplishment.

Having nothing to live or to work for renders your life tasteless and worthless, dull and colourless, with every single day resembling the previous and the next ones without anything special taking place within. Life goals cannot be sorted on any list; they are countless, endless, renewable, and differ according to the individuals’ mentalities and perspectives. Goals range from being absolutely simple to the most serious and complicated. They can be of any life discipline, and every individual – including you – is given full rights to scrutinize and dream of them with total freedom.

It is much better to awaken yourself to the importance of creating a life path and follow it for your goals before the destructive events of your life start to occur. True, that it is never too late, but sometimes it can be too late to take a step backwards and correct, or eliminate, the committed mistakes.

Sit with yourself in a moment of absolute calmness, use your brain at least a little more intensely, and question yourself about the purpose of you being alive and what you are getting at as time goes by. Discover your potentials and interests, take a look at what is being achieved around you, perhaps this would more or less inspire you and cease your confusion.

Think deeply: How am I going to be in a few years next, in case I continue leading the same meaningless life? What will I be doing? Where will I be? How will I end up?

If your answers to the previous questions are negative or absent in the first place, you ought to get up and stop disregarding the importance of life. You have to utilize the energy you have been provided by your Creator, instead of wasting it in laziness and superficiality. Be sure that having goals to follow adds a lot to your life, and make you willing to get up from bed at the earliest time with minimal complaints. Indeed, you are vulnerable to exhaustion and multiple failures, but success and accomplishments are acquired definitely at the end of the path, as long as the hard working and dedication do present all the way. Then, you will realize how wonderful your life actually is, when you have what it deserves living for.

Precious chances are available in your hands, seize them. So many people have moved to the other world with massive wishes to have at least twenty four extra hours to live their life more efficiently. The true blessing is still surrounding you, remember this.