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Tips On Brainstorming For Business Ideas

Tips On Brainstorming For Business Ideas


Great ideas don’t come easy for many of us, but that’s okay. As long as you know how to get your wheels turning, gather all of your resources to produce amazing results, you’re good to go. I’m talking about brainstorming for business ideas; a major focus of the Jodee Andy blog. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, our first attempts to brainstorm leave us frustrated and disappointed. That shouldn’t be the case if you keep in mind a few tips:

Tip #1: Clarify your objective

The lack of purpose or clearly defined goal is where people start making mistakes. Before you even start brainstorming, try to understand what you want to see in the end. Whether it will be a product, a way to promote your product, a way to make your business outstanding in its niche, it doesn’t matter. You need a strong objective that won’t allow you to lose track.

Tip #2: Research the market

Did you know that Airbnb achieved its success just because it was launched at the right moment? That’s the thing, you have to know what the market wants or if there is a problem your product solves. There are also businesses that don’t present a product, they present a business model only, so maybe it’s that idea you need. Overall, try to look for something you can improve either with your product or with your idea.

Tip #3: Get a different perspective

Chances are, you will get a cloudy vision if you are focused on your goal by yourself. Talk to your friends, launch a questionnaire, get the opinions of your colleagues, anything, but let someone else talk. Do not listen only to those who think the same, try to welcome different thoughts and ideas. It’s a rare thing for someone to brainstorm alone, as it’s considered a social activity, but not everyone listens to others.

Brainstorming can be extremely productive if you approach it effectively. You just have to focus on the things you want to get from it and go from there. Being tolerant of others and willing to listen to criticism will also do you