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Organize Your Time

Organize Your Time

It takes a great deal of planning to be a successful and productive entrepreneur. I remember how tough it was when we first started our Denver SEO consulting agency! But there is no need to be discouraged if organization or planning is not a strong suit for you. Most of the time, you are probably planning out your day according to what is on the priority list and the must get done right now list! Once you learn more effective ways and techniques to organizing your day, you will find that you get a lot more done in less time and it will help to keep yourself and your business on track.

I am including a few tips that I think will help get you started on the right path in getting yourself organized. Doing these few things will certainly increase not only your productivity, but also your sense of accomplishment. These tips will help in implementing strategies, create goals, and help keep yourself motivated on a day to day basis.set goals

TIP # 1: Set Goals

There is a saying that I am sure you have heard a time or two in your life that says…

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

Without some time of map or game plan, you don’t have a clear, concise path to follow and you end up wandering around aimlessly.

You want to set short term as well as long term goals. You will find that this can be a very effective area in your life. By setting goals, you are giving yourself a clear picture of what you want in your business as well as in your life.

To get started with setting goals, ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

Then as you start listing out the things you want, separate them into the different categories of short term and long term. Doing this exercise will help to encourage, energize, and motivate you.

Make sure that you do not allow any limitations, like money or time, to dissuade you from listing out the things you REALLY want. Just imagine that you have nothing holding you back and that there is nothing at all that will stop you from getting exactly what you want.

Once you have all of your goals written down, you want to place them somewhere that you will see them, look at them, and read them every single day.

List your goals out by using the S.M.A.R.T. outline like the one you see below:


TIP # 2: How to Achieve Those Goals

Now that you have your goals all written out, you have used the formula above to map them out, now what? How are you going to achieve those goals?

That is where you are going to want to brainstorm and putting the ole thinking cap on for a bit. You are going to need to come up with ways to get the results that you are striving for.

List out some strategies that you think that you will need to reach these goals. make sure you list out different alternatives too just in case the first one doesn’t pan out, you will want a Plan B or even a Plan C or D. Do not just hang out in your comfort zone when listing these ideas out, you want to think outside of the box, get wild and crazy, if you must, with the ideas and the strategies.

You will want to keep this list handy so that you may refer to it in the future, but it is ok to go ahead and choose some of the ideas now that will go onto your current To Do list.